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Local Tree & Shrub Care

We offer a monthly tree and shrub service designed to keep all unwanted pests and fungi away from your trees and shrubs. Our general prevention service includes insect and disease sprays, deep root fertilizing, and horticultural oils. All applications are performed by trained and licensed professionals who know exactly how to best care for all of your landscapes. We also leave you detailed notes with each application to keep you informed as to the health of your trees and shrubs. This is a great program for anyone interested in preventing insects and disease in your landscapes. If there is a active concern with any trees or shrubs please request a free evaluation and we can come up with a specified treatment plan.

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Direct Trunk Injection

Direct trunk injections are widely recognized as the most effective way to treat most insect and disease issues with our trees and shrubs. The process is quick, cost-effective, and completely safe for your tree. The treatment itself is a simple process where we inject insecticides, fungicides, or nutrients through small ports around the base of your tree. While being more effective than sprays it is also more environmentally conscious as we are not spraying the products, we are injecting them right into the tree and it will not get on anything that it is not supposed to. If you have any concerns with any trees or shrubs on your property please request a free evaluation and we can tell you if this process is right for you and your trees.

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Our Services

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Lawn Care Service

Our lawn care service is designed to make your lawn healthy, dark green, and rid of even the toughest weeds! Of course, all of our technicians are licensed and trained professionals. We have very customizable programs to fit the needs and budget of any lawn.

    Fertilizing and Weed Control

    Crabgrass Prevention

    Guaranteed Creeping Charlie and Violet Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care services are designed to prevent and treat insect and fungi that aim to harm your trees and landscapes. We use premium insecticides and fungicides and will constantly monitor for any nutrient or pest issues.

    Insect and Disease Sprays

    Deep Root Fertilizing

    Direct Trunk Injections

Pest Control Service

Our mosquito control is extremely effective and will keep you and your family safe from bites all season long! Our perimeter pest control is sprayed around the foundation of the house and will stop bugs from entering your home from outside.

    Mosquito Control Sprays

    Exterior Pest Control

    Guaranteed Results