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"I can't say enough how happy I am with the services from Greener Living. My lawn has never looked so good. The improvement was much faster then I even expected. It's great to see a company that takes pride in their their services and results."

Bob E.

"I can truly say that if your looking for lawn solutions and methods to fight those tough weeds while making your lawn healthy and beautiful again, please contact Greener Living Lawn. You will be happy you did."

Manos G.

"Had them start in Spring for weed control and fertilzing and lawn looks great. Started up the mosquito control a month ago and it has worked better than I thought it would. Nice job on both!"

Todd B.

"Every company I have had has made promises to kill them and I have seen no results. Greener Living started applications in the spring and I am happy to say at this point they are almost completely gone. Thank you Greener Living!"

Daniel C.

"In the 15 years i've owned my home my grass has never looked greener and thicker! I reccomend Greener Living to anyone who wants a beautiful lawn. Thanks guys!"

Craig M.

"They are on-time, polite and my lawn has never looked better. Highly recommend this company."

Corrine P.

"Hands down best lawn care company I ever used, switched from tru-green last year and it has been great! Thank you Greener Living"

Jenna C.

"Before Greener Living Lawn care, my yard was 80% weeds. Glad to say that since having them provide my lawn care, I am essentially weed free with an amazingly green looking lawn."

Dan C.

Local Lawn Care

Our Fertilizing and Weed Control Service is meant to eradicate all unwanted weeds and keep your lawn healthy, green, and thick! We offer specialty weed control products for, and guarantee control against all weeds like Violets, Creeping Charlie, or Clover. You will also receive free re-treats for any persisting weeds as needed with your service. We offer a pH-balanced fertilizer that helps to unlock stored nutrients in your soil and greatly improve the color. We also push spread and walk every lawn, so you never have to worry about us leaving tracks!


Treatments are applied monthly and every visit we fertilize as well as spray any weeds! This keeps your lawn well fed, green, and healthy while also maintaining complete control over any weeds (even the tough ones!). Each application we will leave you a detailed analysis on what we are seeing as well as set expectations for what you should see in terms of results after each visit. This keeps you informed and aware of exactly what we are doing and why. With attention to detail and quality products we will give you the lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood!

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Our Services

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Lawn Care Service

Our lawn care service is designed to make your lawn healthy, dark green, and rid of even the toughest weeds! Of course, all of our technicians are licensed and trained professionals. We have very customizable programs to fit the needs and budget of any lawn.

    Fertilizing and Weed Control

    Crabgrass Prevention

    Guaranteed Creeping Charlie and Violet Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care services are designed to prevent and treat insect and fungi that aim to harm your trees and landscapes. We use premium insecticides and fungicides and will constantly monitor for any nutrient or pest issues.

    Insect and Disease Sprays

    Deep Root Fertilizing

    Direct Trunk Injections

Pest Control Service

Our mosquito control is extremely effective and will keep you and your family safe from bites all season long! Our perimeter pest control is sprayed around the foundation of the house and will stop bugs from entering your home from outside.

    Mosquito Control Sprays

    Exterior Pest Control

    Guaranteed Results

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